by james gordon king

A dream-like exploration into the personal and collective ideas of revolution. 

A lot of politics is talk. Olivia and Jeremy attempt to subvert this idea through the creation of a political movement unencumbered by language. Without a name or a title, they’re a movement of pure action and intention. 

But when outside forces conspire to shut the movement down, Olivia and Jeremy have to choose whether ideological independence is more important than their movement’s ultimate success. 

Seamlessly flowing between dream and reality, scripted performance and improvisation, Movements 1&2 is a bold piece of theatre that hedges bets on its uncategorizable quality.  

Produced by Babelle Theatre Written by James Gordon King  Directed by Marie Farsi With Nathan Barrett + Nadeem Phillip + Naomi Vogt Design + Photos Lukas Engelhardt Sound Paul Paroczai  Lighting Jono Kim Music composition for “The Kingdom” Anton Lipovetsky Stage Management Aidan Hammond

It’s fantastic because what Babelle Theatre chooses not to do is exactly what makes it so compelling. It encourages you to give up what you take for granted about theatre, so that you may actually experience it.
— By Dale MacDonald, Daily Hive