A play about striving, failing and the people who support us.

Alison (Olivia Hutt) and Maddie (Sara Vickruck) are at at crossroads. The Toronto couple have been indecisive for months now – Alison, a disenchanted actress, isn’t sure whether she wants to continue in the profession; while Maddie, an entrepreneur, is on the verge of selling the catering business she’s worked five years to build. Hoping that a quiet vacation and change of scenery will clear their heads, the couple take a trip to the West Coast to visit Alison’s father, Brian (David Bloom) – an aging playwright who recently moved to a small town to finish his magnum opus. The trip brings into focus each of the three characters’ struggle to find one another (and themselves) through the intense demands of their careers.

This, Here asks big questions about what it means to live, whether or not we can be saved by work, and how we carry our loved ones through hard times.

The depths plumbed by these actors, for these characters, is astounding. It was just gut-rippingly beautiful. [...] Playwright James Gordon King and director Marie Farsi lead an exemplary creative team that delivers magic.
— Bruce M. Campbell

Written by James Gordon King
Directed by Marie Farsi
Starring David Bloom + Olivia Hutt + Sara Vickruck
Photographs by Jackie Dives
Production Design by Evelyn Sum
Lighting Design by Jono Kim
Sound Design by James Coomber
Stage Management by Aidan Hammond

... under the direction of Marie Farsi for Babelle Theatre, the performances are terrific.
— Jo Ledingham
Olivia Hutt and Sara Vickruck. Photo by Jackie Dives.

Olivia Hutt and Sara Vickruck. Photo by Jackie Dives.