By James Gordon King

Seabird is in a Happy Place won the 40th Samuel French OOB Playwriting competition in New York City

Winner of the 2016 Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for Outstanding Original Script
and the Sydney Risk Prize for an Outstanding Original Play by an Emerging Playwright

Nominated for Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Set Design, Outstanding Lighting Design, 
Outstanding Sound Design, Outstanding Production
and Significant Artistic Achievement

Photo credits: Jennifer Kennedy

Produced by Babelle Theatre
Directed by Marie Farsi
Featuring Aryo Khakpour, Emilie Leclerc, Lucy McNulty and Alec Willows


RIVULETS is a promenade site-specific performance composed of three short inter-related plays staged in a roving and intimate venue in Vancouver’s Historic Chinatown.

In a magical-surrealist future, nature has re-established its dominance over man. After a devastating flood, people have no choice but to salvage memories from a world they want to remember: a fish-turned- man contemplates virtue in the face of desperate poverty, a woman dies and comes back to life as rain, a daughter confronts her father about the brutal world he has left her. The characters and stories in RIVULETS lend voices to the debate and questioning of what binds us as humans: Is it language? Is it family? Or is it instinct? ...

Creative Team

Set Designer: Carolyn Rapanos
Costume Designer: Emilie Leclerc
Lighting Designer: Andrew Pye
Sound Designer: Paul Paroczai
Stage Manager: Scarlett Larry
Set and Props Builder: Triane Tambay

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